Northern California Fires: Rising from the Ashes

I share heroic and heart-warming stories from my town of Petaluma, which became ground zero for the fire evacuees of Sonoma County and Santa Rosa (the TUBBS fire), including where help is needed–now that people are leaving the evacuation shelters. And if you haven’t already, listen to my previous two episodes about the fires. Lastly, I want to say how proud I am of my town and my county for the outpouring of support for fire evacuees, their lost and found and injured pets, livestock, horses; and I am proud and thankful of the first–and continued responders–the police, and all the firefighters who helped so bravely and heroically.

Link to podcast episode, includes inspiring stories, here (sorry for the poor sound quality! I did not have my mic and headphones).

You can help in many ways, go here for the links.

Listen to my previous episodes on the fires, part one here, part two here.

Photo credit: Don McCullough via / CC BY-NC


Devastating Northern California Fires and How to Help Right Now

If you want to help/give to the communities devastated by the Northern California fires, here are the two most important places to give right now (and they are legitimate). Listen here on YouTube or SoundCloud, or keep reading below.

Food bank: The Redwood Empire Food Bank in Santa Rosa is feeding the 1000s of evacuees that are in shelters all over Sonoma County and they need cash donations ASAP (and they are legitimate). Go here []. (There are other ways to help if you live close by, listed on their site.)

Animal shelter: The Sonoma Humane Society is rescuing, sheltering, fostering, and giving medical aid to animals lost and or injured in these terrible fires. They  need cash donations ASAP to help pay for the medical needs of all the injured animals (dogs, cats, livestock, horses, chickens). Go here [].

If you live in Northern California and you want to help, please use this Google doc [], it is the go-to place for what’s needed and what’s offered regarding the devastating fires in Northern California; and it is updated hourly, so refresh the page each time you visit.

The Red Cross: The Red Cross is in desperate need of volunteers who can take their one-day training course in Rohnert Park, and then sign up to be a Red Cross volunteer.

Read their blog post about the fires here []. ”

“HOW TO VOLUNTEER Trained Red Cross volunteers are currently staffing shelters and supporting residents. As the disaster continues to evolve, the Red Cross will assess how community volunteers can best support the operation. Those interested in volunteering to support Sonoma, Napa, Lake and Mendocino wildfire relief efforts, can sign up at .”

Lastly, please share any or all of the above information on social media (notice I included links)!

The Quiet Revolution That Progressives are Winning and No One Is Talking About It!

The quiet revolution that progressives are winning–at the state and local level–and no one is talking about it! “The Trump-obsessed big media are mostly ignoring it, but Bernie-inspired activists are winning across the country—including in districts that went for Trump in 2016.” ~John Nichols, The Nation.

Show note links are here, including a link to John Nichol’s article, if you don’t have time to listen my clip below, on YouTube.

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My thoughts on the Las Vegas shooting; and how I try to create balance in my hectic life.

My thoughts on the Las Vegas shooting; and how I try to create balance in my hectic life. #45


Coal Country and Absentee Corporate Slumlords

The highs and lows for the citizens of coal country who 1) are trying ;to redevelop abandoned mine sites and lands in Appalachia (no thanks to absentee coalmine slumlords, tax evasion, and out-of-state corporations), and who want to 2) revitalize and rebuild their surrounding economies, making them healthier and more creative. Also, 3) what John Oliver had to say about Trump, coal barons, and the coal industry.

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