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Lisa Nolan at age three

Me, age three. Don’t let my dimples fool you.

Who me?

Resister / Podcaster / Adult-Color-Book Addict

I’m craft challenged, a lousy housekeeper, a great cook, and a dedicated locavore. I blog about Montessori and write mom lit and memoir. I’m also a book publisher, editor of several parent humor anthologies, mom to a DS child, a 3-6 and 6-9 Montessori-trained teacher, a progressive podcaster and advocate, and wait, where am I? I wrote a story in elementary school about a dog whose owner died, the dog went looking for him, found his grave, and stayed there forever (in dog years). My humorous side came later in life. I spent eight glorious but broke-as-hell years in theater. I did everything but act. (You can thank me later.) I was also a program director of an award-winning underground comedy venue in San Francisco for three years, the same city I was raised in . . .  all while in grad school where I got my Masters in Creative Writing. Did I mention I was also teaching in a Montessori school?


My fellow bloggers always ask me “Do you ever sleep?” for which I reply “I am really three people ” (and none of us can act). I live in Northern California with my family of three (and my pet-family of three). I like to unwind in my son’s playhouse–turned mom den–reading historical fiction, sipping ice tea, and listening to Celtic music and wind chimes.


Lisa Nolan's NEW podcast for progressives!

I am happy to introduce my NEW podcast for progressive women and moms! It is a platform for Democrats, Liberals, Progressives, and left-wing Independents who were shocked at the outcome of Trump winning the election! Listen to the introductory episode (Episode 00) in which I introduce the podcast, and tell you about myself and whether my family is better off than we were eight years ago when Obama took office! Listen to the first episode (Episode 01) in which I read the first chapters in my memoir about my retired father’s opioid addiction; and listen to my second (and most popular) episode in which I tell my healthcare story including my family’s, and my thoughts on ACA and Obama Care.

My podcast is available at  Blubrry / Google Play / iTunesLibsyn / Stitcher / TuneIn / YouTube.

Lisa Nolan's NEW podcast for progressives!

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  1. I’m only 2.5 people. I lost half of the last one somewhere along with my last nerve. So, you win!

  2. I love your experience in theater. That’s a really good experience to travel alongside writing, like ballet is to football and wrestling, something nobody would suspect would really go hand in hand. You’re an amazing person Ms. Lisa Nolan.

  3. I am tired just reading it. Ha! But seriously, thanks for including me in your stable of writer friends. (Sounds like run a whorehouse for writers, sorry about that.)

  4. It’s nice to get to know you better!

    I always feel a smidge better about myself when another writer admits to being a lousy housekeeper. Thank you!

  5. It was interesting to learn so much of your back story. When we learn more about the people who create the art we enjoy, it gives us different and wonderful perspective.

  6. Lol .. you’ve still got that sense of humor. I really enjoyed this post. Those “broke as hell years are the best & worst “

  7. haha! I tell people that I just don’t sleep. I am just a busy and people do not get it.

  8. Wonderful to learn more about the person behind the blog! A comedy director would be my oldest sons absolute favorite thing to do ever!

  9. I love your cover photo, first of all, and the title of your book. That looks like it would be a great gift for new mothers! I was a Montessori school myself and am always drawn to others of my kind. 🙂

  10. I bet being a comedy director was fun! That is pretty much my husband;s dream job.

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